February 5th, 2015

Made To Measure

We are very pleased to be introducing the latest automatic wheel measurement technology to the UK and Irish markets.

Mechan has signed a four year deal, which sees the WheelPro from Spanish manufacturers, Visiona, added to the range of products we supply to complement our own lifting and handling equipment.

Compatible with any type of tracks, WheelPro can be installed inside or outside a depot, enabling a wheel profile to be determined within +0.05mm. It is available in three standard configurations to suit metro, regional or high speed trains and can be adapted to measure the parameters of vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour.

The measuring device comprises a series of modules that sit around the track, containing vision cameras and corresponding lasers. They can be adjusted in height and are robust enough to withstand the presence of sanders, electromagnetic brakes and variables in wheel position. WheelPro can also calculate the speed of a train within 5% accuracy and gauge the temperature and humidity inside every unit.

Director of Visiona Control Industrial, Jeser Zalba Olcoz, said: “This is a great opportunity for both companies. Mechan’s extensive knowledge of the UK and Irish rail industry makes it the ideal partner for our market leading wheel measurement system.” WheelPro is without doubt one of the best fixed location measuring tools available to rail operators and we are impressed by its accuracy, versatility and durability. It is a welcome addition to our existing range of depot maintenance products.

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