Exhaust Extraction

Make your depot cleaner and healthier with flexible exhaust hoods from Blaschke. This efficient way to capture diesel emissions ensures all hazardous gas is disposed of safely.

Reduce Noise And Energy Use

Blaschke can cater for any type of locomotive, as each exhaust system is manufactured to the client’s requirements. They are fitted with smaller pipes than traditional extraction methods to guarantee airtight removal of fumes directly at the source. This increases the power generated and enables smaller fans to be used, reducing energy consumption and noise levels.

Save Time

These flexible suction hoods are fitted over an exhaust pipe and can be adjusted easily by remote control. They are attached to extraction arms that rotate through 360 degrees and run on rails stretching from one end of the track to the other, offering maximum usability.

Cost Effective

Handling equipment operating in a clean environment fails less and requires fewer spare parts, saving downtime and repair costs. Without exhaust extraction, diesel particles form a layer of dust that puts workers at risk and settles on machines, meaning extra cleaning and maintenance is required.

Create A Healthier Workplace

Legislation in Europe makes clean air a requirement and the demand for healthy working environments is increasing worldwide. Capturing toxic particles at the point of creation not only meets the latest government recommendations, but also makes staff more productive.

  • Compliant with European regulation – TRGS 554
  • Meets TRK exposure limit for diesel particulates (elemental carbon)
  • Reduces energy consumption

To find out more about the Blaschke exhaust extraction systems, contact our UK office on +44 114 257 0563 or visit the website.

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